black and white and red all over

better weather brings on my urge to clean, purge, and pare down to the essentials.  i mean, who wants to dust extra stuff…or dust at all?  (seriously, where does all that dust come from!?!)  whether or not that urge actually translates into action is another story.  anyway, when i got the latest issue of house beautiful, i was instantly drawn to this home for its clean lines with just enough organic touches and surprising pops of color.  i’m usually drawn to more color, but something about this house is really inviting.  it’s a beautiful home that looks airy and comfortable.  think they’ll let me move in?

{i want to live in this room.  i think it’s the fig tree that seals the deal.}


{who doesn’t love a red door!?!}

{love the juxtaposition of the ornate headboard against the pinstriped wallpaper}

{don’t miss the chandelier!}

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