international treasure

my dad is said treasure.  he is the most nurturing, supportive, loving father two kids could possibly wish for.  the ultimate dad really – pancakes on saturday mornings, at every event cheering us on, a jokester, and in our adult life, someone we can talk to about anything.  he has always encouraged us to pursue what we’re passionate about, and to enjoy the journey of life.

he and i share a special bond, and he has always been able to put things in perspective for me – when i’m confused, he can help me make sense; when i’m down, he can cheer me up – simply said, he gets me.  just like i’m turning into my mother, i find myself turning into my father too.  honestly, i couldn’t be happier about that – they’re pretty great.

dad, you are the ultimate father, and now grandfather, and i am your biggest fan.

happy birthday.  love you daddy-o.

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One thought on “international treasure

  1. Who is that guy posing as your father. He is MUCH too old to be me. All joking aside I am honored you acknowleded me. You know I love you very much and my life would not be complete without you.

    Love, dad

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