a good day…

…for a game of fetch.  we swore it wouldn’t happen – that when beckett arrived we would let miller ever be ignored.  sadly, it’s kind of inevitable sometimes, and he has adapted to our new situation like a champ.  when you have kids, the attention certainly shifts – from the dog, from your social life, even from yourself.  and i think that’s ok (to a certain extent) – it’s what you’re supposed to do.  but, you should definitely make time for your important relationships if you want to keep them – your family, your buddies from college, old co-workers, friends new and old, and yes, even your dog.  since i can’t handle both the jogging stroller and miller on walks, i try to get outside with him while the short guy is napping.  glad the the weather is warming up again, so this can become a much more regular occurrence.

{good dog}

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