up with the chickens

well, my sweet sweet child has decided not to sleep yet again, and i have been up since 4.30.  surprisingly, i don’t feel as if i’ve been hit by a truck (yet), and i’ve kind of enjoyed the quiet time.  my dad did this when i was a kid (and still does really) – up before everyone else in the house – sometimes for hours.  now i understand – it’s the calm before the storm.

once again this week, i’m looking toward the sky, and enjoying the sunrise – a beautiful, but often unappreciated time  by me – since i’m usually checking out the backs of my eyelids.  but looking at the sky this morning, i’m seeing pink and orange against the clear blue sky – a refreshing way to start the day.  a few things in honor of the colors of the morning…


{arches print fabric}

{pillow – furbish}

{holga magnolia print – cb2}

{pennant tray – furbish}

{c. jere sunburst}

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6 thoughts on “up with the chickens

  1. We have similar taste, Cara – that pillow is on my list of pink things I want to add to our living room! Pink was also the theme of my blog post yesterday.

    1. agreed! i love love love your dining room and what i’ve seen of your living room too. amen to the pink, though i don’t think i could get jared to totally buy in.

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