dining room refresh

a few years ago, we bought a gigantic piece of art (we’re talking 5ft x 3ft) for our dining room.  we loved it at first, but soon realized that it was just too overpowering for the room.  i took the piece down one day a few months back, and the wall has been blank in hopes that i would be struck with an idea.  well, i was.  and here’s the result.

i started with these.  i taped them off and spray painted them gold.

i really love our ‘new’ dining room.  the light is reflecting all over the place, and i often pass through the room just for the heck of it.

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6 thoughts on “dining room refresh

  1. Yay Cara! This is soooo great. You’ve always had impeccable taste and its reflected in everything you do. Looking forward to keeping up with the haps at your casa!

  2. Hey Cara! Just read through your posts – love them, and love this little dining room refresh you did. Looks great! And…I’m thinking we have an awful lot in common. Giada, spray paint, white kitchens – I’m a big fan of them all ;) Can’t wait to see what else you cook up!

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