jamie’s manifesto

did you see jamie’s manifesto yesterday?  her description of how she felt about domino magazine really struck a chord with me.

the other day, i was trying to describe for a friend what it was about domino magazine that was so special. everytime i open the pages of any issue, i can’t sit still for more than 5 minutes because i’m up, inspired, moving things around, restyling, fluffing and running out to grab something i saw in the mag i needed…once that connection was made, our wheels would start turning and we’d be engaged in not only reading a magazine, but in going a step further and trying to recreate what we saw, with our own personal twist.

i love anything that gives me the urge to get up and create or re-swizzle something in my own home…sometimes it’s a magazine, a tv show, a blog, or just too much caffeine.  i love that feeling.  i want my home to be pretty to look at but also comfortable to be in, and whatever inspires me to get there, i’m thrilled about.  i’ve always wanted to have the house that people want to come to, where friends and neighbors just drop by, but more importantly, i want a home that reflects my family.  i think that’s inspiring in and of itself.

{today’s dream kitchen}

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