we had an uber-productive weekend and barely sat down at all.  i honestly love weekends like that because the feeling of accomplishment is so darn good.  we’re re-swizzling our basement on a dime, so that we have both a gym area and a living space (in hopes that our main living room upstairs doesn’t become totally overrun with toys – i understand this is probably just wishful thinking).  the gym portion got finished (pics to come!), but the living area still needs a decent amount of work – freshening furniture and whatnot.  i told my dear husband that need it to look pretty in order for me to want to go down there – i don’t want it to look like a furniture graveyard.  more to come on that project later.

so after all our hard work, today i reward myself with this yummy recipe for lunch, which has fast become one of my favorites.  it’s quick and easy, and so so good.  thank you giada!

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