5 months

that’s how old my teeny tiny newborn baby is – except he’s not so teeny tiny and he’s definitely not a newborn any longer.  i hate how quickly he’s growing, but i love seeing him change and learn.  lately, it seems to be something new each day.  he’s now flipping over, both back to front and front to back, squealing {some might call it screaming}, and loves his feet.  putting him to bed is my favorite time of day – jared is home and beckett gets super giggly.  i’m still up with him about once a night, but he’s sleeping in stretches as long as 6 – 8 hours, which is heaven compared to the beginning.

he is officially mobile now.  i laid him on his playmat the other day and went into the kitchen for a minute, and when i came back he had rolled 2 feet from where i had put him.  he cannot be unattended any longer without putting him in a confined space.  how did we get here so fast?  i looked through some pictures today of when he was born and shortly thereafter, and he looked so tiny.  sometimes when i pick him up from a nap, i could swear he’s gained 5 pounds and grown 4 inches from when i laid him down.

for you mamas with wee ones, enjoy every little second.  it goes in a flash.








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