like much of the country, kansas city got blasted with snow yesterday.  though we got over a foot, it appears we got off pretty easy compared to lots and lots of others.  as we looked out the big window in our family room yesterday, it felt like we were somewhere in the mountains, and that got me thinking….about actually having a home in the mountains.  it would be heavenly to look out a big picture window and watch fat snowflakes fall or to hit the slopes from a ski in-ski out place in the rockies.  all wishful thinking, of course, but a quick visit to mountain living’s website gave me a few photos that would make me want a place in the mountains even more.

these first photographs are from the same home.  there’s that big picture window, and how cozy to be surrounded by those gigantic evergreens.  the kitchen, dining and hearth rooms all flow into one another in their open plan.  i’d like to get a pot of soup going and then park right in front of that fabulous fireplace.

via mountain living


this library is the perfect mix of rustic and polish.  love the cut wood at the bottom of the bookshelves, and that cognac chair is calling my name.

via mountain living

we enjoyed a snow day as a little family yesterday.   jared’s office was closed and we watched movies and played with beckett.



hope you’re staying warm in your neck of the woods.

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