dropping in {with a little holiday cheer}

if you haven’t seen this jimmy fallon/roots/mariah carey/kids collaboration, you need to take three and a half minutes and do it.  it’s pure awesome, and if those kids don’t make you smile, i don’t know what will.  hope you’re enjoying the holiday season.  i can’t believe that christmas eve is just two weeks away!  i’ve got work to do, but i hope to be popping in more often.  things are starting to settle down after a few hectic weeks – can i just tell you that a 2-year-old with a case of the terrible two’s and a dog fresh out of surgery to repair his torn ACL has me a little distracted?  thankfully, beckett’s ‘beast mode’ seems to be taking a break, miller is recovering nicely, and we are starting to make some headway on this house of ours.  new light fixtures are headed our way – hooray!  we cannot get rid of what we have fast enough.  in the meantime, here’s my update….

christmas is happening!  like his mother, beckett is beside himself with the joy that christmas lights bring.  he looks for ‘christmas wights’ and ‘cowors’ (colors) when we drive through our neighborhood at night.  he is not disappointed.


we finally decided it was time to bid farewell to beckett’s rat’s nest and got him a proper haircut.  he now sports a smaller rat’s nest and looks a little like kate from ‘jon and kate plus 8’ when he’s fresh up from a nap.  he’s cuter though.


‘rosebud’ is a-growin’, and a-kickin’ (like, a lot).  we are mere weeks from her arrival, which has us both elated and a little terrified all at once.  i think we’ve landed on a name, but we’re not tellin’.



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